Summer oral health

With summer coming, outdoor activities will increase. It’s important to stay healthy and hydrated for not only your physical health but for you oral health as well. Seasonal allergies along with certain foods and drinks can have a surprising impact on your summer oral health.

Here are 5 ways to keep your summer oral health in good shape this season.

1. Drink LOTS Of Water
When your mouth becomes dry it is a lot more difficult to fight off plaque and bacteria. Drinking lots of water helps keep your mouth moist in dry weather, fights of plaque-causing bacteria, and will even help with bad-breath.

2. Know Your Allergies 
If you suffer from allergies, you may deal with congested sinuses that cause pressure pain in your upper jaw and teeth. Mucus that drips down your throat can cause throat irritation and an unpleasant smell in your mouth. Along with allergies comes breathing out of your mouth, which translates into dry mouth. So again, stay hydrated – drink lots of water – and make sure to stay on top of your antihistamines.

3. Use A Straw
Summer time equals lots of backyard BBQ’s and we all know that soda is a staple at many people’s BBQ’s. If you pop a straw in your can or cup, this can help with making sure that these sugary and acidic drinks are not directly hitting your teeth. Acids and sugars can wear away enamel, causing cavities.

4. Limit Sugar Intake
When it’s hot outside it’s a lot easier to grab ice cream, popsicles or fruity drinks – but the consumption of these sugary foods and drinks will wear away your enamel. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, grab some strawberries or apples as they help with whitening your teeth!

5. Schedule An Appointment
With the kids being out of school, it’s a lot easier to schedule appointments for your family. We’re open Monday – Friday and we’re here for all your summer oral health needs!

We hope you all have an amazing and fun filled summer. Just make sure to not let your summer oral health slip away. Contact us today to set up an appointment!