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Summer Oral Health Tips


With summer coming, outdoor activities will increase. It's important to stay healthy and hydrated for not only your physical health but for you oral health as well. Seasonal allergies along with certain foods and drinks can have a surprising impact on your summer oral health. Here are 5 ways to keep your summer oral health [...]

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month – April


April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and it is a top priority of ours to ensure you get the best oral cancer screenings at your dental check-ups. Every year in the United States over 30,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer. It’s imperative to get detected as early as possible for an increased survival. The [...]

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Why Sports Drinks Are Bad For Your Teeth


As an athlete, you're constantly working on ways to maintain a physically strong and healthy body. Staying strong requires having enough energy and sometimes that leads to individuals consuming beverages that will give you high amounts on energy and caffeine. Many people drink energy and sports drinks when engaging in physically intensive activities thinking they are [...]

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