Best Reno Dentist - Reviews

Getting reviews from customers has always been a beneficial exercise for businesses. Today, its importance is even greater.

Recent surveys suggest that 84% of Google users trust reviews. Researchers at the Journal of Medical Internet Research analyzed 4,999 reviews from popular ratings sites (including,, and, and found that national average rating is 3.84 out of 5 across sites using a 5-star scale.

Dr. Anthony Brunelli and the doctors at Brunelli Dental Partners average 4.9/5, which is 1.15 higher than the national average. Is it because of some flashing marketing campaign or getting everyone in their respective families to give them a favorable review? No! it’s because they treat their clients like they would their loved ones. Patients use words like “caring”, “gentle”, and “friendly” to describe the doctors and team. If you’re looking for a new dentist, read the honest reviews from actual patients and make an appointment to visit the doctors today.